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Sliding System

Sliding System

Our recently introduced sliding system embodies an innovative approach that establishes unprecedented benchmarks in terms of functionality and performance. The outcome is an unrivaled system that boasts seamless mechanics, a sleek and streamlined structure, impressive load capacity, and effortless ease of operation.

Exceeding the rigorous standards set by museums for artifact conservation, our sliding system emerges as the ultimate solution for preserving valuable treasures.


2,4 to 3.6 meters (8 to 12 feet) per glass panel for both width and height


1000 pounds (454 kg) per glass panel

Our sliding system is meticulously engineered to meet the unique demands of large display cases.

Sliding Wall Display Case Rendering

Bringing Your Collections to the Forefront

The clean lines of the display case not only complement the content, but it also enhances the overall visitor experience. By effectively supporting the weight of large glass panels, the system reduces the number of visible joints and doors by approximately 50%, compared to conventional systems.

Designed for Ease-of-Use

Its intuitive design allows a single person to effortlessly perform all the required operations to open the display case without exerting much effort.

Rendering of a wall display case with a sliding opening mechanism

Suitable for multiple applications

The sliding opening mechanism is meticulously engineered to operate independently from the structure, ensuring flexible access with a range of opening options.

Our sliding system presents itself as an optimal solution for various display case configurations, including freestanding installations, wall-mounted cases, and wall niche fronts.

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