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Our Approach

Our strength is based on listening, understanding, versatility and flexibility. By sharing our knowledge and know-how as well as our personalized approach, we give our clients the feeling of being really involved in the realization of the exhibition projects and the institution itself.

Design and Engineering

Our design department is essential to our success. It’s in this studio that we develop the most ingenious methods applied in the fabrication of our display cases. We use state-of-the-art computer-assisted design software in a cutting-edge 3D environment. The computer software offers highly specialized tools that allow a preliminary test of the modeled display case. These models are so complete that they display each of the components used in the fabrication of the display case, including even the nuts and bolts.

When combined with computer-assisted manufacturing, this approach provides the necessary precisions and tolerances in the construction of airtight display cases such as ours. It also considerably reduces the risk of errors and makes it possible to achieve an incomparable level of precision in the fabrication of our display cases. Our designers oversee closely the design and fabrication of each of the parts used in the assembly of the case. "


Our technological approach differentiates us with the other manufacturers. The folding of metal sheets for the fabrication of all our structural components is at the heart of our manufacturing process. All these pieces of metal are flawlessly executed thanks to our computer design tools.

Our production is very similar to that used for mass productions but applied on a smaller scale. It achieves outstanding quality and assembly, a result which is rather difficult to obtain in manual processes of cutting and assembly of aluminum extrusions or metal tubes.

Our glass, also subject to the same process of computer-assisted manufacturing, offers possibilities of sizes highly superior to those offered by the standard glass industries and exceeds the ASTM standards of this industry.


Once all the components are made, including glass as well as metal and woodwork details, we pre-assemble all the parts at our facility and add the finishing accessories such as the lighting systems and shelves.

Pre-assembly is an important step of our process and will significantly facilitate and reduce the installation time. At this stage, a large part of the components such as hinges, locks and electrical circuits will be installed and tested. All production defects will be detected and corrected at this stage. The pre-assembly is a step allowing the installation team to familiarize themselves with the project before reaching the client. All our display cases are duly tested before they are certified for their conformity and quality.


We will send a team of specialized technicians to complete the final assembly of your display cases, regardless of your location. Our installations are being done on a global scale by the Zone team. Your project manager will coordinate the installation with an installation supervisor present on the site permanently. You will be informed of the progress and you will always have access to the installation site of your display cases at all times. Since our display cases are pre-assembled in the workshop, the installation phase will be quick and efficient. The maneuvers involving the cutting, painting, sanding, and gluing are usually done in the workshop. Thus, we make sure that the installation remains silent and odorless.

Once the installation is complete, we will review each of the display cases with the client and evaluate the functionality of the mechanical, electrical and hermetic components. We then issue a warranty certificate on all structural components of the display case and propose a personalized maintenance plan, as needed.

After-Sales Service

Zone Display Cases specializes in the design and fabrication of high-quality museum display cases. We excel in the field since 2001 and are recognized for the reliability, the quality and the durability of our products. We are proud to offer a complete warranty on our line of high-end museum display cases, both in standardized display cases and in custom-built and developed products.

Beyond the warranty, our team is committed to offering you an outstanding service whose duration will be proportional to the longevity of our cases. Whether you want to get more information about our products, answer your questions, order replacement parts or report a problem, our professional team will be happy to make it easier for you and to respond to your needs.

John Backman, AIA, PMP, Project Director

"Zone was among the strongest collaborators contributing to the New Norton Museum's US$100MM expansion project. They worked seamlessly with Matter Architecture Practice, the exhibition designer, delivering a sophisticated installation which stunningly showcases the collection. Zone responsively adapted to the Norton's budget constraints and demanding time line. I hope I have the opportunity to work with Zone on a future project."

Norton Museum of Art, FL, USA

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