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Norton Museum of Art, FL, USA

Our commitment

Whatever the nature or the scope of your project, the Zone team will be happy to work with you to create and find a solution that will meet your needs and respect your budget and timeline. Dare to challenge us!


Ideally, an exhibit display case must be invisible to the visitors and blend in with the decor, highlighting the presentation and objects presented.

The presentation aspect not only enhances the actual design of the display cases, but also the integration of an appropriate lighting system. This will allow not only to illuminate the artwork in all its splendor, but also create an ambiance, evoke emotions and contribute to the preservation of the object.


Beyond the damage caused by inappropriate exposure to light and ultraviolet rays, the worst damage occurs when objects are exposed to abrupt hygrometric variations and of great amplitude.

An exhibition display case will considerably stabilize the relative humidity using active or passive control systems (silica gel) and will thus contribute to all the measures implemented in terms of preservation, preventive conservation and conservation treatments.


The exhibition display case will not only protect objects against different deterioration agents, but also against physical breakage likely to occur in public places with high traffic such as museums, or the risks of theft and vandalism.

Laminated glass with ultraviolet (UV) barrier will be promoted to protect individuals and objects. High security locks and alarm systems can also be integrated and concealed to increase the level of protection.

Tim Ternes, Director

Hill Museum & Manuscript Library at Saint John’s University

"It was a pleasure working with Zone Display Cases, not only for the quality of their merchandise and their process, but also the way they handle their customer service and any problems that arose. It was very easy to work with them because we knew ahead of time what we were getting ourselves into and nothing came up as a surprise. This was our second time working with Zone, and if we have a third time we’ll make sure to come back again."


Our goal is to design innovative products with sustainability in mind and collaborate with all our activities to develop strategies to improve the durability, performance and quality of our products.


Our computer-assisted design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) process enables us to create high-precision steel and glass parts with very minimal loss during production. Our highly sophisticated design software, allows us to keep all the manufacturing drawings for each of the components we create, thus increasing the lifespan of our products.


We are committed to the environment at all stages of the product’s life and our goal is to reduce our environmental impact throughout its life cycle, from design and manufacturing to disposal. In addition to creating sustainable products with very high-quality components, we explore the use of renewable materials, reducing material use, promoting reuse and the possibility of increasing the recyclability of materials.


We are proud to offer limited warranty on all our permanent museum quality display cases, should they be standard products or custom-built cases installed by Zone or delivered fully assembled.

*Some exclusions apply.

Alaska State Library Archives Museum, Juneau, AK, USA

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