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Location20 Chemin du Tour de l'isle, Montreal, QC, CAN

Type(s) of establishment

Type Permanent and temporary exhibitions

Collection Old maps and archival documents, scientific instruments, rare books and weapons

The Stewart Museum is a private history museum located in St. Helen’s Island Heritage Site, in Jean-Drapeau

The Stewart Museum

Built by the British between 1820 and 1824, the 2011 renovated facilities and completely revamped exhibition come together in the Museum space that recalls the great figures, events and life themes daily from our history.

traditional costumes from History and Memory at the Stewart Museum - Zone Display Cases

History and Memory is a permanent exhibition that features themes that range from navigation and maritime trade to day-to-day life in New France.

The almost 500 objects , documents, and rare books in the exhibition, some displayed for the first time, are displayed and preserved in archival glass cases, on two floors of the Museum.


The museum was looking for an economical way to display their collection in climate-controlled cases that could be re-used for upcoming exhibitions.

Our Solutions

The modular display cases are amongst our best-selling cases for temporary and changing exhibitions.

Affordable yet extremely high-quality , these versatile cases are collapsible and can be stored when not used.

Their multi-configuration possibilities were a great asset in this project.

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