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Zone Modular Display Case System

Zone Modular Display Case System

Our new modular museum display cases are by far the most minimalist, flexible, and user-friendly museum display cases on the market. Designed especially for your temporary exhibitions, these modular cases are an indispensable preservation and protection tool to brilliantly display your most sensitive and valuable collections.

In less than 5 minutes, 2 technicians can easily assemble or disassemble a display case, thus optimizing time and saving money when time comes to change the layout of your exhibitions.

Dimensions & Weight

32”L X 32”D X 84”H
610 lbs


Glass sides: 12mm regular UV laminated glass
Framing: Powder-coated steel
Display deck: Powder-coated aluminum
Gaskets: Pure silicone


Glazing: Tempered-laminated glass, low-iron glass, anti-reflective glass
Storage & moving: Moving carts and dollies available, custom reusable crates available
Tools: Glass panel wood support for assembly


1 year

*Some exclusions apply

The minimalist design of our modular display case system is the result of our continuous collective efforts and our incredible willingness to offer museums a convenient and affordable solution for their rotating exhibitions.

A Solution that Adapts to your Needs

When we Think Modularity, we Think Versatility

The major advantage of using a modular system is certainly the ability to create and modify your configurations according to your environments, collections, and evolving needs. With our modular system, you will have the freedom to assemble the display cases as you see fit, and as often as you like.

Simple and Minimalist Design

When creating a new case design, the look of the product emerges as we hone in on the design that best serves the core purpose. Attaining such a minimalist aesthetic is not easy, sometimes designers need to put a lot of effort and creative thinking into their designs to make our products look as simple as they do.

Andrea Rugg Photography

Assembly in Less Than 5 Minutes!

Our modular display cases has been designed with the primary goal of being the simplest, easiest, and fastest to assemble. We have created a system that could quickly be assembled in just a few easy steps without any hardware and using just a few basic tools such as a leveler, a ratchet, and a pair of suction cups.

Customize your Modular Display Case

Lighting and Shelving

Our dimmable and adjustable LED lighting system gives you all the flexibility you need to beautifully showcase your collections. Our elegant, discreet, and adjustable hanging glass shelving system can be configured, installed, or removed as needed.

Plinths and Podiums

The addition of furniture accessories such as plinths and podiums increases the display possibilities for your exhibitions.

Adjustable Solid Wall

Converting your case to a wall case or a double-sided case is a very interesting option for those wishing to hang 2D objects or apply graphics.

Security and Conservation Standards

We continuously collaborate with recognized North American research centers to offer high-performance products that meet or surpass museum conservation standards.

Our modular cases are completely sealed and built out of 100% archival materials. Although it is very sleek, its durable and robust construction of UV laminated glass and powder-coated steel ensures optimal protection for your collections.

A desiccant compartment, located within the base, allows you to control the relative humidity inside the art envelope.

Each case is supplied with a hinged door and a concealed Abloy high-security lock that uses non-reproducible keys with unique serial numbers.

Each case is supplied with a hinged door and a concealed Abloy high-security lock that uses non-reproducible keys with unique serial numbers.

The Ideal Solution for your Travelling Exhibitions

Our new modular system offers unparalleled convenience, ease-of-use, and flexibility for travelling exhibits. Aside from great functionality and aesthetics, the possibility to easily dismantle, store and move this innovative modular system is particularly enticing.

The modular display case system is extremely durable and sustainable. It can be repaired, upgraded, or even enlarged with additional units, parts, and accessories. Also, the system can easily be dismantled and stored when not in use. It is compact and requires very little space. Dollies and reusable crates may be supplied to facilitate transportation and storage.

Image(s) by Ryan Waggoner, © Spencer Museum of Art, The University of Kansas

Image(s) by Ryan Waggoner, © Spencer Museum of Art, The University of Kansas

'' The guiding tenet behind the design of our new modular system was simplicity—not merely the shallow simplicity that comes from an uncluttered look, feel, and surface, but the deep simplicity that comes from knowing the essence of the product, the complexities of its engineering, and the function of every component. ''

Louis St-Gelais, Designer / CEO of Zone Display Cases

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