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Wall Mounted 4-sided Glass Display Case

Designed with four glass sides and a solid bottom, this simple and elegant museum display case offers great display possibilities to display smaller and larger objects such as books, jewellery, small weapons, textiles, scrolls, masks, and more.


We are proud to offer a 5-year limited warranty on all our custom museum display cases. Please ask for our detailed warranty certificate.

Opening and Locking Mechanisms

The ZW-102 is supplied with an opening mechanism for easy access by a single person. The opening movement may be on a vertical (left-right) or horizontal (bottom-up) axis, depending on the dimensions of the case. Smaller models may be opened manually with the use of suction cups. These museum display cases will be supplied with high-security Abloy cam locks.

The smaller models and their lighter design are offered with a lift-off manual opening and anti-theft screws.

The smaller models and their lighter design are offered with a lift-off manual opening and anti-theft screws.


Although the ZW-102 wall case was specifically designed for the use of external lighting sources, adding internal lighting is possible; however, it can hardly be concealed. Dimmable LED bars or spots could be a great option for this specific case design.

Make Use of the Back Wall

Depending on the selection of materials, the back walls of the ZW-102 wall display cases may be used to pin and hang objects. They may also be removable and could be repainted for future exhibitions. Graphics could be applied to the back wall to enhance the design and present complementary information to the visitors.

Small, cantilevered shelves could also be attached to the back wall of your ZW-102 display case to better display your smaller three-dimensional objects.

Customization and Flexibility

Available in multiple sizes, this wall display case is typically surface-mounted or partially recessed to hide the framing at the back. The ZW-102 offers an optional independent access to your desiccant without opening the case.

The addition of alarms, sensors and plungers is possible with any of our display case designs.

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