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Frameless Freestanding Glass Wall Display Case on Pedestal

The ZF-102P case can be designed with an integrated pedestal, which can be made of assorted colors, materials, and finishes. If desired, the pedestal could be supplied with access doors for storage, or with exhibition drawers.


We are proud to offer a 5-year limited warranty on all our custom museum display cases. Please ask for our detailed warranty certificate.

Exhibition Drawers

For added display surface and flexibility, your display case can be supplied with a base that includes exhibition drawers with glass tops. Not only are the drawers a great addition to display smaller or flat objects, but they also enhance your visitors experience by engaging them with your exhibits and collections.

The exhibition drawers can include a space for your desiccant and can be supplied with an anti-vibration self-closing mechanism. The façade of the drawers can be made of different materials and supplied with a wide selection of handles to better blend with the gallery environment.

Storage Within the Base

Make full usage of your pedestal by adding adjustable shelves within the base, which will provide you with storage space for your sensitive or non-sensitive objects. Your storage space will be accessible through secured access doors.

The pedestal base could also serve to access your electrical components such as lighting, power suppliers, and alarm devices more easily. They could also be a practical space for the integration of an active humidity control unit.


The absence of a structure at the top on the ZF-102 makes them a selection of choice for the use of external lighting sources and will limit the cast shadows that are often problematic in exhibition environments. An appropriate blend of diffused and directional lighting within the gallery itself will offer optimal illumination of your displayed artifacts.

Although the ZF-102 frameless wall case was specifically designed for the use of external lighting sources, adding internal LED bars or spots is possible; however, they can hardly be concealed.


The ZF-102P offers several display options with its solid back wall that can be used to apply graphics or mount objects. A cantilevered shelving system with adjustable glass shelves can also be a great addition to this case design.

Make Use of the Back Wall

Depending on the selection of materials, the back walls of the freestanding wall display cases may be used to pin and hang objects. They may also be removable and could be repainted for future exhibitions. Graphics could be applied to the back wall to enhance the design and present complementary information to the visitors.

Customization and Flexibility

Just like the ZF-102, the ZF-102P can be designed in small and large sizes. These cases are also available with the same options, including shelving and lighting for added flexibility.

The pedestal base can be made of powder-coated steel, wood, or any other material to meet your design intent and blend with the gallery space.

The addition of alarms, sensors and plungers is possible with any of our display case designs.

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