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Frameless Freestanding Glass Display Case

The ZF-100 frameless freestanding display case is surprising in its simplicity and perfection. Its meticulous and accurate design manages to skillfully hide the underlying complexity.

The ZF-100 frameless case fascinates with its astounding functional details. All elements blend seamlessly together in a fascinating manner, hiding the actual opening mechanism.


We are proud to offer a 5-year limited warranty on all our custom museum display cases. Please ask for our detailed warranty certificate.

A “Best-of-the-best” design concept

The frameless freestanding display case has proudly earned us two prestigious international design awards: One at the Red Dot Design Award in Germany, in 2018, and one at the Good Design Award in Australia, in 2019. Its sleek and simple design gets us one step closer to our ultimate goal of becoming invisible.


The frameless freestanding display case with ultra light contours will limit the cast shadows that are often problematic in exhibition environments. An appropriate blend of diffused and directional lighting within the gallery itself will offer optimal illumination of your displayed artifacts.

Although the ZF-100 frameless case was specifically designed for the use of external lighting sources, adding internal lighting is possible; however, it can hardly be concealed. Vertical power tracks with LED bars or spots can be a great option for this specific case design.

An independent silica gel compartment and a sliding deck are optional.

An independent silica gel compartment and a sliding deck are optional.

Customization and Flexibility

The ZF-100 frameless display case typically ships fully assembled and thus has some sizing limitations. It is available in both small and large dimensions and can be designed in multiple sections to accommodate larger objects or collections.

Internal plinths and furniture can be designed and supplied with your ZF-100 frameless cases to provide more display flexibility.

The addition of alarms, sensors, and plungers is possible with any of our display case designs.

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