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EVOQ Freestanding Display Case

EVOQ Freestanding Display Case

Sleek and versatile, the EVOQ Freestanding case is available in two different dimensions to better meet your display needs. Offered with an optional solid adjustable back wall, the EVOQ can easily be converted to a wall case or a double-sided case. Other options such as lighting, shelving, and plinth are also available.


Starting at $7200 USD


32”L X 32”D X 84”H
42”L X 24”D X 84”H


Framing: Powder-coated steel, Black
Sides and top: UV regular laminated glass
Internal furniture: Latex-sealed wood by-products
Gasketing: Silicone


Lighting: 6 dimmable LED spots on power tracks
Shelving: 1 to 3 adjustable tempered glass shelves, suspended
Adjustable back wall: sealed with a latex primer
Internal plinth: 28”H, sealed with a latex primer


1 year

*Some exclusions apply

Options & Flexibility

Solid Back Wall

For added versatility, the EVOQ cases can be supplied with a removable and adjustable solid back wall. The wall allows you to convert your freestanding case into a wall case or a double-sided glass case. The wall can be used to display light 2D objects and to apply graphics.


The EVOQ freestanding cases are available with a lighting system, which includes 6 adjustable and dimmable 3500K LED spots on power tracks (2). The system can easily be removed and put back in place to accommodate your exhibit needs.


A suspended shelving system can be added to your EVOQ freestanding cases for additional flexibility. Suitable for a variety of smaller objects, the shelving system can support up to 100lbs and include up to 3 tempered glass shelves, which can be adjusted to any height.

Internal Plinths

Convert your EVOQ freestanding case into a pedestal case by adding an internal removable plinth. The plinth will sit over the display deck and allow you to securely display larger or heavier objects at 30” from floor.

Opening Mechanism

EVOQ cases are supplied with a full-size hinged door on the front side for easy access. These cases can easily be operated by a single person.


Each case is supplied with a high-security Abloy cam lock, which uses non-reproducible keys with unique serial codes. The EVOQ cases are also built with shatter-resistant laminated security glass, which is safe to handle and will protect your artefacts by blocking out up to 99% of UVA rays.


The EVOQ cases are built out of glass and steel, which are non-off-gassing archival materials. They provide a sealed art envelope and a space for silica gel insertion for humidity control.

Delivery and Maintenance

The EVOQ freestanding cases are shipped completely assembled and require minimal maintenance, thanks to their sealed dust-proof display enclosures. Cleaning the interior or exterior of the case may simply be performed with a soft and scratch-free cloth and water. These cases may be moved using “roll-a-lift” dollies.

100% Canadian-Made Products

As with all our products, the Zone Standard Display cases are entirely designed and manufactured in Canada. We work with local suppliers and use top quality materials to ensure optimal durability and sustainability of our products.

We Care About the Environment

Aside from creating extremely long-lasting products with high-quality components, we explore the use of renewable materials, the reduction of material use, the promotion of reusability and the opportunity to increase recyclability of materials.

“Our new line of standardized products is the result of an extensive market analysis and a rigorous design process to offer you a selection of high-quality museum display cases, at extremely affordable cost and available within a short timeframe.”

Stephanie Bilodeau, Director of Sales & Marketing

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