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Custom Solutions For Designers

Custom Solutions For Designers

Whatever your needs, however special, unusual, and challenging they may be, the highly skilled and professional team of Zone Display Cases will be able to offer custom solutions that will meet your requirements in terms of design, quality, and performance.

Made-to-measure creations based on specific design requirements

Southern UTE Cultural Center Museum, Ignacio, CO, É-U.

Understanding your Needs

A good understanding of the needs is essential to completing a custom project. To this end, our team will make a point of listening to the specific requirements of the curators and conservators, the museum technicians, and the exhibit designers.

Meeting Budgets and Timelines

We are aware and sensitive to tight budgets and timelines. In collaboration with your team, we will propose smart and thoughtful solutions to reduce costs and meet deadlines.

A Collaboration with Designers and Architects

Zone Display Cases is above all a design studio made up of a professional, passionate, and highly talented team who specializes in the design and fabrication of custom museum display cases.

We constantly collaborate with design and architectural firms to create high-quality products that will meet very particular design intents and specifications.

Dedicated Project Management

Our project managers will accompany you from start to finish and will schedule follow-up meetings to keep you always informed of the status of your project.

Computer Design and Manufacturing (CAD/CAM)

We use state-of-the-art computer-assisted design software in a cutting-edge 3D environment. The computer software offers highly specialized tools that allows preliminary testing of the modeled display case.

When combined with computer-assisted manufacturing, this approach provides the necessary precisions and tolerances in the construction of airtight display cases such as ours. It also considerably reduces the risk of errors and makes it possible to achieve an incomparable level of precision in the fabrication of our display cases. Our designers will oversee the design and fabrication of each part used in the fabrication of our cases.

Conservation and Quality Standards

Zone Display Cases is a Canadian company recognized for the high quality of its products. We work in collaboration with major conservation institutes in North America to offer display cases that will meet, if not exceed, the most stringent conservation standards in the industry.

Denver Art Museum – Asian Art Gallery

As seen in

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