Freestanding cases

Freestanding cases

Freestanding cases are surely the most commonly used type of display cases in museums. Built with all glass sides or with a solid back panel for installation against a wall, they can be fitted with glass tops or lighting attics. They are offered with hinged or pull and slide doors for easy access and come equipped with high security locks.

All our freestanding display cases can be built on pedestals, furnished with exhibit drawers if needed, and available with many types of finishes. They can also integrate shelving systems, either suspended or attached to optional solid back walls, and a variety of made-to-measure plinths and podiums to efficiently present any kind of artefacts.

An important particularity in building our freestanding cases in inevitably the use of computer assisted professional tooling in the fabrication of their components, based on sheet steel rather than manually welded steel tubing or mechanically assembled aluminum extrusions. Let’s also highlight the fact that our metal work is entirely powder coated before final assembly, all parts completely finished for matchless sustainability.

Built in any size you may need and quickly installed in a mess-free, noise-free environment, our climate controlled and airtight cases will also remain dismountable for future rearranging of your galleries.

« Thanks to your commitment to excellent quality and customer service. »

Andrew Kramer, Principal, West Office Exhibition Design, CA