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Location1430 Johnson Lane, Eugene, OR, USA

Type(s) of establishment

Type Permanent Exhibition

Collection Chinese Art, textiles and paintings

More than 100 works of art spanning four millennia of Chinese history are included in the inaugural display Myriad Treasures: Celebrating the Reinstallation of the Soreng Gallery of Chinese Art at the UO’s Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art.

Myriad Treasures: Celebrating the Reinstallation of the Soreng Gallery of Chinese Art

The inaugural display includes examples of the museum’s Qing dynasty court textiles, neolithic through 19th-century ceramics, ancient and archaistic bronze vessels, Buddhist art, literati and professional paintings, and prints of the 14th through 19th centuries, imperial calligraphy, elegant decorative objects made of jade, glass and crystals, and selected modern and contemporary Chinese paintings, posters and photographs.

Discover the two large display cases designed and fabricated with specific conservation requirements.

One of them, a 10 ft. tall by 16 ft. long narrow double-sided freestanding case, displays two Manchu silk coats with wonderful embroidery and selected painted details.

The second, a large 10 ft. tall and 22 ft. long L-shaped wall corner case, serves to display 3 hanging scrolls from the Ming Dynasty: Bodhisattvas of the Sun and Moon and 12 Guardian Generals, Living a Long Life as Pine Trees and Cranes and Landscape.


The Medite floor and back wall panels, or “dress panels” were packed and shipped with the cases shortly after they were painted.

Unfortunately, the delivery truck got stuck in an unusual and unexpected snowstorm in Colorado for a couple days. The extra delivery time impacted the drying process of those panels.

Therefore, once delivered on site, our Head of Installation noticed a discrepancy between the colors of the steel work and the color of the dress panels.

Our Solutions

The solution to this problem was obvious; we needed to quickly replace those panels.

Our Head of Installation immediately notified our Production Director so that new panels could be created and shipped back to the client in a timely manner. To avoid going through the same challenge, the new panels were created with a different material. The client was pleasantly surprised with the efficiency of our response to resolve the issue and truly happy with the end result.

Watch the video of Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art: A Minute Exhibit.

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