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Location100 W 14th Avenue Pkwy, Denver, CO, USA

Type(s) of establishment

Type Permanent exhibition

Collection Asian Art, Latin American Art and Art of the Ancient Americas

Denver Art Museum, Denver, CO, USA

Denver Art Museum, Denver, CO, USA

After more than three years of construction, not to mention the pandemic delays, the Denver Art Museum's $175 million renovation got completed in the fall of 2021.

Part of the major project was to restore and renovate the Martin Building, which would offer visitors access to 33,328 square feet of new gallery and public spaces.

Zone Display Cases was contracted by the DAM to design, fabricate and install an impressive quantity of recessed wall cases, totalizing no less than 675 linear feet of glass.

Asian Art & Latin America

The Latin American art galleries, located on the fourth floor of the building, and the Asian art galleries, on the fifth floor, are where most of our cases can be found.

Not only are the cases beautiful, but the design of the galleries themselves is stunning. The collections are incredible, and the clean and elegant design brilliantly contributes to the enhancement of each object.


This project was extremely budget and time-sensitive, especially considering the large amount of display cases that needed to be created and installed.

The project also needed to be completed despite the unusual conditions and challenges caused by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Our Solutions

Both the Zone and the DAM teams have closely collaborated to standardize and simplify the design of the cases to keep costs down and meet schedules . Weekly meetings with a dedicated project manager were key to keeping the project on track and ensure efficient communications.

Fortunately, and despite the challenges caused by the Covid pandemic, our technicians were able to travel into the United States to complete the installation of the display cases. They did an incredible job, handling the delivery logistics of several full truck loads and leaving the site clean at all times

The "Studio Art Display Case", locted on the 2nd floor, near the elevators to access the upper floors galleries.

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