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Table Glass Display Case on Flush Pedestal

This multifunction table top glass display case on a flush pedestal is a highly sustainable and robust unit that can be used for both display and storage. It is available with a multitude of finishes and options and will certainly meet all your exhibition and conservation needs.


We are proud to offer a 5-year limited warranty on all our custom museum display cases. Please ask for our detailed warranty certificate.

Opening and Locking Mechanisms

The ZT-103 table display case on flush pedestal offers a clamshell opening that smoothly opens with the assistance of hinges and gas struts. A single person can easily open this case. Customized opening mechanisms can be offered for larger sizes. These museum display cases will be supplied with high-security Abloy cam locks.


Lighting solutions are available for your ZT-103 display case. Dimmable LED bars or spots on flagpoles can be a great option to highlight the beauty of your collections.

Storage Within the Base

Make full usage of your pedestal by adding adjustable shelves within the base. This will provide you with storage space for your sensitive or non-sensitive objects. Your storage space will be accessible through secured access doors.

The pedestal base could also serve to access your electrical components such as lighting, power suppliers, and alarm devices more easily. They could also be a practical space for the integration of an active humidity control unit.

Customization and Flexibility

The flush pedestal of the ZT-103 table case can be cladded or made of wood for a more rustic finish, other materials and finishes are also available.

Internal accessories such as angled display decks and risers can be a wonderful addition to help better display your collections. The addition of alarms, sensors and plungers is possible with any of our display case designs.

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