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Classic Freestanding Case

Generally used as a central element, this 4-sided-glass freestanding display case offers optimal view of the displayed objects.


Available with both hinged and manual opening, this case can be used for either permanent or temporary exhibits.

Dismountable and storable, this multipurpose case comes with several options and can be designed in very large sizes.

Unlimited Possibilities

The ZF-101 can be made of one or multiple units to accommodate your exhibition needs.

Its unlimited design possibilities will make this model suitable to display both a ring on an internal plinth or a freestanding mammoth!

Customize your Display Case

Flexible shelving and lighting solutions are available to accommodate a wide variety of artifacts. Alarm systems and sensors can also be integrated to the designs.

Our museum display cases are all museum-quality and may include passive or active climate control systems.

The available options for this specific model and the list of materials and finishes are numerous.

Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

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