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Frameless Freestanding Wall Display Case

The ZF-102 frameless freestanding wall case is a design that uses our new frameless technology.


Suitable for both freestanding or wall-hung objects, this frameless freestanding display case can be placed along a wall or in back-to-back position.

This glass museum display case can be designed in multiple modules to create longer units, with alternating doors and fixed panels.

The frameless top frame is a brilliant solution to avoid case shadows from external lighting sources.

Customize your Display Case

Lighting System

Internal LED bars or projectors can also be added to this beautiful and sleek design.

Exhibition Drawers

The addition of a tall base with exhibition drawers (ZF-102D) is a wonderful option to increase your display surfaces while providing interactions with your visitors.

Shelving and Storage

A tall base with shelving and storage (ZF-102P) is also offered as an option.

ZF-102 with Exhibtion Drawers and ZF-102 on Pedestal.

ZF-102 with Exhibtion Drawers and ZF-102 on Pedestal.

Opening System

The ZF-102 - frameless freestanding wall display case - model offers “invisible” hinged doors for easy access. The doors can be located on the facade or sides, depending on the sizes and accessibility requirements.

Freestanding Display Cases