3D CAD/CAM Technology


Our design studio is key to our business. In this special laboratory, we seek out and develop the best engineering methods to manufacture our display cases. We use the latest software for computer-assisted design (CAD) in a cutting-edge 3D environment. These software tools are highly advanced and even allow us to perform flawless pre-production testing on the computer-modeled display cases. The models are so complete that they include each and every component we use to make the cases, including the nuts, washers, and gaskets.

When combined with computer-assisted manufacturing (CAM), this approach provides the precision and tolerances needed to manufacture airtight display cases like our own. This process really sets us apart from our competitors.

Our CAD/CAM approach not only reduces the likelihood of error but also enables us to attain the manufacturing precision our specialty requires. Our designers closely monitor all production stages of any component used in building our display cases.

This is the approach taken by most major manufacturers today. It reflects the realities of a rapidly changing and increasingly global marketplace.

See a few examples here of such 3D computer-modeled display cases.

“A unique collaboration between your design team and our millwork production staff.”

Craig Dunn
VP Museum Services
1220 Exhibits Inc., TN