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Modular Assembly Freestanding Case

This modular assembly freestanding case is a must-have type of case that will certainly fulfill the needs of a wide range of users, either for permanent or temporary usage.


Its unique construction allows for multi-axis configurations while linking multiple cases together and removing the inner panels to make larger exhibit chambers.

Easy to dismantle and to store

The assembly, use and dismantling of these cases are easy enough so that your own staff can install, arrange and store your cases.

This is with no doubt the most profitable and versatile climate-controlled case that you can acquire

Customize your Display Case

Lighting System

Its optional removable shelving system is a great feature to display smaller objects.


Customized plinths and risers can be a great addition to this model.


Available in any size from 24 inches to 36 inches, these high-security museum cases are offered with various lighting solutions and can also integrate sensors, alarms and independent access to the desiccant tray.

Configure According to Your Needs

Expand your presentation space

Several museums have an inventory of such multipurpose cases for their changing exhibits; they allow them to present a broad selection of artifacts, from small to very large objects, by connecting 2 or more modular cases together while maintaining their structural strength and stability.

Multi-Axis Configurations

Our standard system allows for multi-axis configurations in «L» or «T» shaped assemblies of multiple units, eliminating the inner glass panels to create larger enclosures. They

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