Glazing Options

Tempered Glass is heated in a high-temperature furnace then rapidly cooled by blowing air on both surfaces. This type of glass is four times stronger than ordinary glass. Under very strong impact, it shatters in small fragments that are not sharp, minimizing the risk of serious injury or damage.

Laminated Glass is an assembly of one or more lites of glass and one or more interlayers (PVB). Once treated under high pressure and temperatures, its layers become permanently bonded together to form a single unit of excellent optical quality. It offers very good forced entry resistance and blocks over 99% of UV rays. If accidental breakage occurs, the interlayer supports the fragments of glass, minimizing the risk of fallout or damage from glass shards.

Low Iron / Ultra White Glass is manufactured with reduced iron content and other raw materials that increases light transmission and reduces the greenish tint that is most apparent when viewed from the edge. The result is pure, sparkling, very clear glass.

Anti-Reflective glazing eliminates reflections that are caused by the light or the environment. The high-transparency of anti-reflective glass also allows an impeccable vision of the objects and improves their contrast while keeping their exact original color renderings.