Display cases accessory furnishings

Display cases accessory furnishings

Accessory podiums, plinths or shelving systems may often be needed to support your artifacts when displayed. Our designers and millworkers will custom build the necessary furniture to your needs or specifications.

Plinths and podiums can be made of special Medite® formaldehyde free MDF that can be simply lacquered, or they can also be fabric covered with special conservation grade textiles. More sophisticated realisations can also integrate lighting equipment for back-lit effect for sophisticated visual effect.

Numerous shelving systems are available, most often suspended, particularly for freestanding all glass sides display cases. We have designed our own suspension shelving system for that purpose, though we also use other existing systems when specified, like the Arakawa or Spaceline systems.

For wall display cases, shelving may be attached to their back solid walls, either with various types of visible shelving standards holding glass or solid shelves, or with specialized metal arms in fixed locations.

Our design studio and workshop has a solution for any accessory furnishings needed in your projects.