Modular cases

Modular cases

Our Modular assembly display case systems for temporary or travelling exhibits are distinguished by their perfect fit, and surely the simplest assembly process. They remain an optimal solution for housing even the most sensitive artefacts as they are very airtight,  procuring a stable climate-controlled environment. As in most modern display cases, the glass panels are mullion-free and structurally designed for a perfect view of their content.

Many museums have an inventory of such multipurpose cases for their changing exhibits; they allow them to present a broad selection of artefacts, from small to very large objects, by connecting 2 or more modular cases together while maintaining their structural strength and stability. Our standard system allows for multi-axis configurations in «L» or «T» shaped assemblies of multiple units, eliminating the inner glass panels to create larger enclosures. They are offered with various options such as light attics, shelving systems or desiccant independent access.

Technical data and for our standard sized system are downloadable here.

Custom designed systems can also be developed, meeting any of your most complicated projects, however big or small they may be. See a few examples in these following pages.

« They are so simple to assemble! »

Cathy Molloy, Director, Markham Museum, ON