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18 August 2016

Poop Tales at the Biodôme of Montreal, QC

Yes, you read it right: Poop Tales!
A few lines above, you were reading about some of the largest cases that we have ever built. Now, for this exhibition, we are talking about THE smallest climate controlled display cases that we ever created to display, well.. poop!
Because of the organic nature of the poop displayed, mixed with the high humidity level inside the Biodome (we’re talking 80-90% here!), we needed to create these tiny RH controlled cases that would protect the poop, both from physical damages and from humidity damages. What a fun challenge for such an extremely exciting and original exhibition!

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Poop Tales is a temporary exhibition from September 1 to November 20, 2016

Direction Artistique Véronique Bertrand: www.veroniquebertrand.com