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3 October 2014

Zone Display Cases to Build Cases for One of North America’s Largest Visible Reserves

Open-access or visible reserve projects are discussed everywhere these days. You hear about them at museum conferences, on LinkedIn forums, and in various specialized publications.

Museums and universities are striving to make their collections more accessible to specialists, researchers, and scholars. This is not just a trend; it’s already an important part of their development programs and strategies.

In 2014, Yale University decided to move its collections from its various reserves to one site on its Connecticut campus. Renovation work began at a building that would house the entire collection while benefiting from the latest advances in storage equipment and casework.

Zone Display Cases answered a call for tenders to build specialized display cases, and we landed the multimillion dollar project!

For this assignment, we developed a modular assembly freestanding case system that met all of the expectations of both architects: WeatherstonBruer Associates and, of course, the Yale team responsible for the project. The building will definitely be one of the largest open-access reserve and collection study centers in the United States.

And we’re proud to be part of the effort!

Click here to read Yale’s press release.